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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

ok, so I haven't been keeping this up to date, but people don't really seem to care. My blog seems to have be come a conduit for people talking to each other. That's pretty cool. I'm like promoting the trading of ideas and such. Oh I picked up a copy of Superman Red Son. It's supes as a soviet. Dude, they got Batman as a ruskie too. Except he's a freedom fighter against supes. BUT HE'S GOT THE COOLEST HAT!!! It's like one of those fuzzy Russian hats, but with pointy ears! Also, this weekend, Mandie went far away and left me all alone. I was very sad. But she came back so I'm happy again! But on Friday I want up to Glendon and played soccer. Okay, so you have to understand that this guy Greeg is like twice my size... Picture the Green Giant with glasses. Oh that reference right there is a perfect example of the blurring between culture and commercialism... Yeah, I've been reading No Logo. Anyways, this guy Greeg, he's a really nice guy, he wouldn't hurt a fly... Unless he gets really drunk. Anyway, he like crashed into me/me into him like twice, and both times I went flying and landed on my back, but I didn't get hurt. However, in an ironic twist, at least I think it's ironic, it might not be, after the second collision, which wasn't completely elastic or inelastic, but most of the force from the collision was turned into torque in me. The rest was linear in Greeg. Anyways, after the second collision, Greeg hobbled away and we saw what looked like a second knee cap in his leg. It turns out he ruptured a vain or something it wasn't that serious, but it looked really gross. We got some pictures. So yeah, that's my week. The Tories suck, just remember, if it were up to them, we'd be at war right now! And also, time traveling garments are all but extinct because of that incident that occurred on Friday, and on may 16 1240, and through the magic of mystical interdimensional vortexing, the greater flying hippos used uber pants to destroy them to try and preserve the space time threading. So yeah, Tories suck

Monday, March 22, 2004

Wow the comments are no longer just people yelling at each other! Now people have "discussions"! All of which can be used to come to the conclusion that all political parties suck. So the grits are apparently scared shitless that they could lose the election. But Rick Mercer had a good point. All they need to do is dump money into health care. So yeah, there's a link to his site so if you wanna check it out. Other news. I got a job interview! Yay getting work for the summer! Go me! Oh and before I forget, Mandie Mandie Mandie Mandie. Now I mentioned you too! YAY!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Ok, I have to say something VERY important. The Tories SUCK!!! While they may not lead us to financial ruin... wait a sec, the tories just lest us with a 56 billon doller dept. BASTERDS!!! MAKE THE TTC MORE EXPENSIVE WILL YOU!!! Also, let's not forget the wonderful new school system. Well it has some good points, all those little grade 12 kids can't integrate which puts me at an advantage over them. Oh and who forced nurses to be juggled between hospitals? Thereby spreading SARS that much faster? And just so you know, even if the Grits did do some sneaky shit to make it easyer to get heath care if you're a politician, the Tories will promote a two tier health care system, but they won't say that directy. At least Steven Harper admits to the existance of gay people. And holy shit! He thinks they sould have rights! That's way more then the old conservatives! However, I don't think he'll let them marry. Meh. Oh yeah, I forgot to write a break down of the Coalition of Families, although I'm not sure that they're a federal party, and the block heads.

Coalition of Families: They want to protect the rights of societies most down trodden and abused group of individuals, Suburban white people!!! 'cus they so need it.

The Block Quebecois (Block Heads): They want to make shure those dirty anglophonish ke-niggits, do not take ovair Qebec! Because their mothers smell like elderbarries!
Oh yeah, the ryEng link works now
Ok, so I hanv't posted in a LOOOOONG time but there's several reasons for that: 1. Formal labs 2. Calc midterm of death 3. Drinkingnesses to be done. SO anyways, here's an update on my belle lifeah. So for all you people that arn't gonna vote in federals, you suck. It's not only your democratic right to vote. It's your DUTY!!! If people don't vote, we'll get a leader who represents the ideals of the few... kinda like what the U.S has. So yeah, don't let a Bush happen in your country! So go inform yourseves about each political party and such so you too can say "The people in power suck, but I didn't vote for them, I did vote though, so I can complain". Yeah Madrid bomb. What the Fuck!!! See I think this is a sign that the whole "War On Terror" is a losing battle. I don't think that things like gang violence and terrorism and revolutions are something that can be fought in the same way that people are used to. They seem to be things taht sould be prevented more then just quelled. See to have groups like Al-Queda, you need to generate a LOT of hate towards a certain ideal. So maybe, and this is a big maybe, if we could find a way to make people stop hating other people so much, there could be a more peaceful way end this shit. But whatever. I finished reading Stupid White Men. Good book, shows how the republicans rigged the election. Also shows how much their two party system is really a one party system. I suggest people read it. Especially this Guess! charater. Dude, you got some violent tendancies. I apreciate the fact that you guys care enough to put up to 22 comments on my blog... Wait no I don't they're all just you guys fighting with each other! What the hell? Why don't you guys all take a lesson from dude before you end up here. And clean up your fucking language. Swearing is only acceptible when it's funny or used as an acronym. Like Ship High In Transit. So now I leave you all with a breakdown of the major Canadian political parties and what they will do. I love political breakdowns!

The Conservatives (Tories): Think Americans in Canada. They would like nothing more then to make us like the U.S. Go most boring leadership race EVER!!!

The NDP: Now since I'm a card carring NDP this may sound a little biased... And it is. The NDP are supposed to be the consience of parliment. They are that little voice that whines and bitches and complaines when you want to something extreamly stupid. That being said, they should never be the actual ruling party (unless the Grits disband and it's either NDP and Tories) because they would bring us to financial armageddon.

The Liberals (Grits) : They will forever rule Canada. This is because they are like political sherbert. Same great flavour as your other favorite parties, half the ideals. Yay like skim milk, ball park beer, and all else that is watered down.

The Natural Law Party: Hippies

The Green Party: Environmentalist Hippies

The Communist Party: Commie Hippies

The Guiness Party of Canada: Their slogan says it all, "Drink beer, have fun"

The Beer Party of Canada: Like the Guiness party without the big coporate sponsor

The Rhinos: Geatest party EVER!! But they disbanded after they almost won a seat

Indipendant cadidates/miscellaneous: same as indipendant music, they sometimes sound great, have no influence and usually take themselves too seriously

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Ok, So I haven't made an entery in a while, but there's a good reason for that. As soo as I know it, I'll tell you. So yeah, anyways, I fixed the RESS link. Also, I'm reading Stupid White Men. Awsome book. Maybe that's why no entries of late. Anyways, yeah, I will have a better entrie on tuesday, 'cus that's when I hand in the last of the formal labs. Seea

Monday, March 01, 2004

Ok, Yay being like blizz again! Skittle's link works now, after 48 hours of work, (well, 47 hours of I'll do it later and 59 minuts of looking at stuff on the interweb before remembering why I singed on). Ok, so maybe I shouldn't go against one religion in particular. But it's just so much more fun that way. Oh yeah, isn't Leggolas magic? so which is stonger, magic or the force? Oh, a good way to illustrate that would be Sauron vs Darth Vader. Remeber that Darth has a light saber, but Sauron's twich his size and has that huge mace thing-a-ma-bobby. And all of Legolas's boyish good looks and charm doesn't change the fact he totally ripped Lukes moves... Unoriginal elven basterd.

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