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Monday, April 19, 2004

Yay I went to my instructor record yesterday! I had 4 hours of sleep before it, and I had to go to work right after, but it was a bullshit course so it worked out! So I can instruct today at St Ollie's. Oh something cool I did learn is that there's this cookie factory out in scarberia that sells empty syrup drums for like 2$ each. I'm thinking, GO PONTOONS!!! also, they have those massive bags of broken cookies for 1.75$ So that'll be very good for the trebuchet project. So yeah, 4 exams left. Stupid materials and physics... I don't care so much about MEC. Anyways, Marcin has an empty house so we have to study physics 211 at his place on like Monday or something. Also, I know a "parts location service" place, i.e. a scrap yard, so we can be finding a turbo. Now we just need some lumber, I'm thinking abandoned house or something. So yeah. Defiantly stuff. STUPID SENS FORCING A STUPID GAME STUPID SEVEN!!!

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Wow, you guys broke 50.... Literally, 50 doesn't work anymore. Way to go. Anyways I've been reading No Logo. Good book, it allowed me to have an interesting convo with Mandie yesterday about economics. Mandy left for staff training again and won't be back 'till Sunday... *sob*... But yeah, must think of other things. For one, I have to study Calc but I don't think I can afford the 5$ to get to the island. I think that there must exist a way to get there for free without swimming. See I would swim if it weren't for the fact that it's freezing outside and that my skin would melt off if I swam in lake Ontario. But I donno. Anyway, I added a link to Island guy's blog. He's a nice guy, he lives on the Toronto Islands. Wow it feels almost like summer, which means two things, rollerblading and skin cancer! Yay! Well, I'm gonna go start working on a way to get to the island without paying 5$ for the fairy. Seea

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