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Friday, October 22, 2004

Ok, So I know I haven't posted in like 2 months, but that's just been because of a combination laziness/busyness. So yeah, here's a shiny new post for all you who waited so diligently. Yeah, my WarHammer 40k army is almost painted, also I hate school, it's freaking impossible. I hate all teh home workings and tests and crap and it's getting really stessful. But that's ok. Mandie's new place is awsome. I spend as much if not more time there then at my house. Go gross exageration, I just spend more tiem with Mandie 'cus she no longer has curfuesesque times to be home. So yeah. I've been listening to orchestrated Zelda music and it's really good. I likes it. ok, so pictures of army will be up sometime... don't know when, Bergman got X-Men Legends so I don't think anytime soon.... But maybe. Anyways, here's hoping the americain people stop being retarded and vote bush out of the white house, and possibly into exile. But if he does win, at least he'll drive the americain economie into the ground therby strengthing our dollar.

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