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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

hey, so this is my queer eye personality, altho judging from my room...hahahahaha
Congrats! You are THOM FILICIA!
Thom Filicia

Which Queer eye for the Straight guy are YOU?
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So I figured it out, if the guys from queer eye were a crack military team, Ted would be the sniper, Kyan would be the heavy weapons expert, Jai would be the scout guy that gets captured all the freaking time and is complety pointless, Thom would be the recon/comms guy who knows all the crazy backgroud shit about the mission, and Carson is the gay as nails leader who's all heroic and shit and puts his life on the line for the greater good etc... So yeah, I'm working on what our little group at Rye would be if we were a crack military team.

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